Glue Doctor Enlarged
KitPackers can connect you with Ellsworth Adhesives’ Glue Doctors® at your request. Ellsworth Adhesives specializes in working with industrial customers on engineered assembly processes. Their Engineered Sales Representatives and inside Technical Service group, or Glue Doctors, work together with industry leading material and equipment suppliers and YOU to develop an assembly process that meets your needs.

Glue Doctors help you in a number of critical ways:

  • They help you analyze your needs, your end product and process requirements
  • They help you analyze your constraints – process time, materials, existing systems
  • They relate your needs and constraints to a set of possible solutions
  • They help you source potential materials and equipment for your application
  • They help you set-up your system and test for suitability
  • They stay engaged with you to make sure everything is running as it should

With over 50 ESRs in North America and over 70 more ESRs in Europe and Asia, Ellsworth Adhesives can help you source the right product wherever you are. Just as important, they help multi-location and multi-national customers qualify, source, purchase, stock, and use products seamlessly. No other company can match their technical expertise and global reach.

The Ellsworth Adhesives Glue Doctor Group:

  • Over 100 strong
  • Engineered Sales Representatives and Technical Service Personnel
  • ESRs average over 10 years of industry experience
  • Thorough knowledge of materials and equipment for product assembly
  • Relationships with major adhesives, sealants, dispensing equipment suppliers around the world
  • Networked globally to provide you with seamless project management