KitPackers Premixed and Frozen Instructions

premixedKitPackers is a leading supplier of premixed and frozen (PMF) resins. PMF refers to the blending, packaging and freezing of two component resin/catalyst systems. KitPackers provides PMF epoxy, silicone, urethane, and polysulfides in various syringes and cartridges.

PMF packages are the ultimate in convenience and reliability as all the operator has to do is thaw and dispense. The end user can use our PMF packages with total confidence knowing that KitPackers precisely weighs, mixes, degasses, and packages their two component systems, and then flash freezes the package and contents at -80C.

Syringes from 1CC to 55C are the most common PMF packages, but larger cartridges from 2.5oz to 32oz are possible with some resin/catalyst systems in certain applications. We also provide PMF materials in jars and cans. The end user must have a -40C or lower freezer available in order to store PMF packages shipped to them on dry ice over night. Our PMF insulated cartons require special handling when received, and are labeled accordingly. They must be inspected for presence of remaining dry ice and then promptly transferred to the -40 freezer for storage. Handling, storage, and thawing instructions are available.

KitPackers specializes in the modification of resin/catalyst systems particularly for PMF packages as it is simple to add a third or fourth ingredient to the system during the mixing process. For example, KitPackers stocks 14 different sizes of precision glass spacer beads and adds them to a variety of Dow Corning, 3M, and Henkel products. Further, KitPackers can add adhesion promoters, pigments, fluorescent indicators, as well as fillers to increase viscosity, thermal conductivity, and improve other physical properties.

KitPackers has the capability to centrifuge syringes 55cc and smaller after filling to ensure that the syringes are totally air free. The premixed material must have sufficient pot life to allow for the extra centrifuging step and some materials are not suitable for centrifuging. We provide samples for evaluation and approval to make certain that the PMF packages we provide meet our customer’s production requirements. We jointly determine a package size and batch size to provide our customers with the work life they need to utilize the entire package, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. Once we determine a process, we repeat that process for each and every order so that the customer will receive a very consistent product.