KitPackers is an expert at chemical packaging and the preferred repackager of the world’s leading manufacturers of Adhesive, Sealants and other Specialty Chemicals. KitPackers is routinely recommended by these industry leaders for custom packaging of their products. We are one of only two officially authorized companies to repackage Dow Corning Corporation’s high-technology silicone products. We were the first company to contract with Dow Corning as an authorized repackager over 15 years ago. We are the first choice for 3M Sales Representatives when their customers need a custom package or modification of a 3M adhesive, and dozens of 3M Representatives have visited us for hands on training. KitPackers in also a preferred repackager of the world’s largest provider of adhesive products, Henkel Corporation. We repackage a wide variety of Henkel technologies including products from their industrial, electronics, and aerospace divisions. KitPackers is frequently audited and approved to repackage not only for these industry leaders but also many major OEM’s in Electronics, Defense, Aerospace, Transportation, Medical, and General Industrial industries meeting their stringent quality requirements. As a recognized industry leader, we partner with you to recommend the best custom packaging solution based on your chemical and application needs.

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