KitPackers recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of information provided to us. Accordingly, we strive for compliance with all federal and state privacy laws and follow industry best practices in order to best serve our community. We consider all visitors, customers, and vendors as part of the KitPackers’ community. The following guidelines have been created to demonstrate our commitment to privacy.

At KitPackers we do not collect any information from you unless you willingly provide it to us. We freely provide information as a custom repackager of specialty chemicals such as adhesives and encapsulants used in the manufacturing industry. You may obtain this information by emailing or calling us directly. The only purpose of your contact information is to return to you requested quotes, technical information, samples, or product literature. Unless you make the request, we will not use your information to contact you in any way.

We will never sell nor share your information with other companies, computers or individuals.

Your information is kept private, period.‚Äč